Pro Tan

For over 30 years Pro Tan has undeniably been the top-ranked competition-standard tanning
product range. Over and over it’s been clear than Pro Tan provides the best, natural-looking tan
for Body Builders, Athletes, Models and more! It’s this level of quality, which has earned Pro Tan
the trust of their customers world-wide, and allow them to continue providing the best product to
make you look your best.
Pro Tan was originally founded in 1985 with Original Muscle Up Professional Posing Oil and
some skin care products for body builders and athletes. The company was revolutionised in
1987 with the Pro Tan formula. Since then, Pro Tan has played a role in over 1,000
bodybuilding competitions; therefore being the most renowned competition tanning solution and
the Official Product of both the IFBB and NPC.
Every Pro Tan formula adheres strictly to the Pro Tan Philosophy: working with athletic
physiques in their greatest state, treating skin like soft canvas, toning and tanning skin to
interpret the individual and uncover their complete definition with no concessions.
To fulfil these ideals, Pro Tan believe in utilizing the most innovative skin-care ingredients and
technology at the highest level, to produce the best possible skin tone and colour.
Maintain Balance and Think Positive.

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