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ZeinPharma® offers you first-class nutritional supplements for your health and vitality! In our online shop you will find an extensive and qualitative assortment for buying food supplements, which offers you valuable vitamins, minerals and vital substances in the best brand quality. We are constantly expanding our product range based on the latest scientific knowledge and the needs of our customers. Our preparations are produced exclusively in Germany and are not only subject to the highest production standards and regular quality controls by external laboratories. Also discover our constantly changing special offers – new items reduced every week, it is worth returning! In addition, all products are developed in accordance with the requirements of European and German food law.
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Discover top quality supplements
Optimal health and vitality need optimal nutrients. We don’t compromise on that. Our preparations are nutritional supplements that are individually tailored to the needs of healthy and sick people in different age groups. Vital substances such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids are also put together for our food supplements, preparations and sports nutrition in such a way that they contribute as nutrients to support well-being and promote performance as part of a balanced diet.
Get to know modern nutritional supplements, which you can use individually according to your requirements, in appropriate packaging, for a wide variety of applications. It can be taken in capsule or powder form. Regardless of whether it is sports nutrition, nutrients and diet products for weight loss, L-tryptophan capsules for sleep disorders, vitamin C capsules for supporting the immune system and collagen formation. Also discover our magnesium supplements for reducing fatigue and promoting physical and mental balance, Glucomannan for effective weight control. Hyaluronic acid capsules can serve as a pleasant alternative to hyaluronic acid syringes. Our anti-acne products ensure clean skin and our joint capsules ensure healthy joint function. Be sure to also discover our large selection of anti-aging products. Our Moringa capsules made from the leaves of the horseradish tree are also a real all-rounder with an impressive combination of vital substances.
You can also buy a range of supplements that can make a valuable contribution to preventive health care.
Our food supplement online shop has also been offering an extensive range of well-known medicinal mushrooms for several months. Our Cordyceps capsules and our Reishi capsules are particularly popular here. You can get our medicinal mushroom products from us in both natural powder and highly concentrated extract form – of course in the highest quality purity.
No matter how individual your needs or the areas of application may be. You can buy the right nutritional supplements from us, which offer vital vitamins, natural minerals and essential amino acids in a sensible composition for a health-conscious lifestyle. Amino acids and protein products are often used by active people to support muscle building.

Individual customer advice and consistent quality management
The food supplements from Zeinpharma® are as individual as you are. We would be happy to advise you personally on individual products and the nutrients they contain. We specifically address your constitution, your age, your customer-specific wishes and needs. We would be happy to explain the composition and application spectrum of the dietary supplements and give you information about the effects of selected vitamins or other vital substances used in the manufacture.
The secret of Zeinpharma® success lies in continuous progress. Only through constant development, precise market observation and quick reaction to customer requests can we achieve the highest quality of food supplements, customer-specific service and sustainable customer care.
Zeinpharma® guarantees you responsible handling of raw material purchases, as well as strict quality guidelines for food supplements with consistently first-class product quality, strictly controlled production and continuous further development. Our experienced employees take care of hygiene, product documentation, quality controls and much more in the different areas – and of course customer care.
Major customers also trust in the quality of ZeinPharma and like to work with ZeinPharma as a contract manufacturer.
Experience our individual and practical advice on our range of nutritional supplements. Browse through our online shop. In addition to a detailed description, you will also find a list of the ingredients contained in the shop to go with the respective dietary supplement. An intuitive menu navigation with selected shop categories is available for special topics from “A” such as weight loss to “D” such as depression or diet and “G” like joints, to “W” like menopause. Do you have any questions about our range of dietary supplements or do you need help with your order? Our team is also happy to assist you personally on the free hotline 06152-18 77 80.

Buy nutritional supplements directly from the nutritional supplement manufacturer
The brand name ZeinPharma® stands for high-quality food supplements, as well as for professionalism in the product development and production of tested foods. The vital substances and nutrients from ZeinPharma® meet the highest quality requirements. The food supplements are manufactured by ZeinPharma® in Nauheim (near Frankfurt) in Hesse. You will receive quality goods made in Germany. ZeinPharma® is convinced that those who take their products seriously also manufacture them themselves. Buying supplements can be that easy. Convince yourself of it today in our online shop!

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