Amino Acid Blends

As the building blocks
of proteins, amino acids are fundamental for many functions, comprising
the main components in such things as muscle, hormones, and
neurotransmitters. The variety of bodily functions affected by amino
acid and their resulting protein and enzyme levels range from mood to
sleep patterns to concentration. Because of their role in repairing and
building muscle, body builders will find amino acid supplements
particularly interesting, along with those who do not get enough from
their diet – a particular concern for vegetarians.
There are twenty different amino acids, all of which are used in
combination and alone to keep your body at peak performance. Though
there are eight essential amino acids, all twenty have their uses and
can be used in supplement. Amino acid blends combine amino acids into
tested mixes that can be efficiently used by the body for differing
purposes. Amino acid blend supplements can be used to enhance low
protein diets with a wide variety of amino acids, or also to find a
targeted amino acid mixture.

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