Omega and Fish Oil

Omegas can be found in
fish oils, nuts and plant oils. However, many people do not consume as
many of these omegas (particularly omega-3 and omega-6) and fish oils
as they should to maximize the healthy benefits that can be seen with
these. For these reasons, a dietary supplement of omegas and fish oils
is highly recommended. Additionally, many of the fish that contain the
highest levels of fish oil carry with them a higher risk of
contamination by such things as mercury, and also tend to be more
expensive and harder to find. The benefits of omega and fish oil
supplements range from lowering the bad fats in the body, lowering the
risk of heart disease and strokes, and lowering blood pressure. The
effects of improved brain health and acuity have also been
scientifically demonstrated, along with demonstrated ability to improve
athletic capacity.

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